Movement Science for the Movement Artist
Help your clients and students change their story from body pain to body freedom
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Become a change maker in the lives of your movement community and leave doubt behind.
Do you ever feel unsure of what to do when your students or clients come to you with complaints of body pain like hip pain, back pain, and shoulder pain?  Do you feel confused about conflicting information on good from vs. bad form?   Do you ever get stuck about the best approach to take to help your movers feel better?
What if you could apply a step-by step method to gain clarity and awareness of why your client or student is experiencing pain and discomfort?  What if you could use this information to create an individualized and specific program to give your client relief?
The Intelligent Motion Training Program includes:
A detailed tutorial of the body in segments outlining the bones, joints, joint actions, muscles, and notable structures important for applied movement science using cutting-edge 3D visual technology
An introduction to the field of somatics and how to approach dynamic movement problems through somatic patterning
How to perform the Intelligent Motion Assessment; learn over 10 movement assessments to identify your client’s movement profile
How to identify an effective series of movement techniques to help correct movement patterns by creating an Intelligent Motion Sequence
Access to the Intelligent Motion Library that includes dozens of high quality videos demonstrating movement techniques for each phase of the program
Weekly group coaching calls
 . . . and more!
Learn how to help your clients and students get out of pain and move better.
Help prevent injury, enhance performance, and get your students out of the injury cycle. Intelligent Motion Training helps solve dynamic movement problems that limit performance and efficiency. IMT is both specific and adaptable,  infuse the principles into YOUR personal teaching style and modality.
Use A Strategy That Works!
A body in pain needs a skilled and confident instructor to help them overcome their fear of moving.  Learn how to restore body balance to client's movement patterns.
Movement compensations are common in our contemporary culture.  Implement a step-by-step strategy to uncover why your mover is stuck and help them progress safely.
Movement efficiency paired with dynamic stability gives a body freedom to express their movement potential.  Help your students reach their goals.
Give Your Clients Freedom

Help your clients and students thrive with intelligent motion as their baseline.  Nothing feels better than helping someone overcome their greatest roadblocks.  Join Kaila in a personalized online coaching and education experience designed specifically for innovative movement professionals.  Learn a safe and effective system that works: get your movers results. 

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Hi!  I am Kaila June.  I have been immersed in movement art and movement science for over 20 years.  This is my life passion and profession.

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